1 hour of reading can save you more than 1000 hours of stress and potentially lots of money doing business in China. Discover 5 key lessons learned by Sylvain Gauthier an executive producer of live shows in China with a total of more than 10 years of experience doing business in this challenging part of the world. Any business leader currently or thinking about doing business in China should invest that one hour and understand these five guiding principles.

1- Who is protecting you?

2- Cash is king

3- You don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate

4- Government (hidden costs)

5- Linear versus circular thinking

These five principles are discussed regularly in coffee shops in Beijing or Shanghai by expats and foreigners doing business in China since many years. In one reading this short ebook, you can be up to speed on these challenges. We are not pretending that it will be the only challenges that you will face in your venture in China but at least if you are aware of those, that might save you stress, time and money. Enjoy the reading!

About the author

The Executive Producer in entertainment !

Sylvain Gauthier

Sylvain is an executive producer specializing in new product and business development. He is currently the executive producer and general manager of Franco Dragone entertainment in China after spending 6 years with Cirque Du Soleil creative content division. He is currently the executive producer of the HAN and DAI shows in China and participate in the delivery of the following shows Michael Jackson One & immortal, Totem, Iris & Amaluna. In his over 27 years of experience, some of the high-profile projects he has managed include the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the Formula One World Championship deployment in China (TV and race), the setup of many joint ventures between Chinese partners and foreign corporations, on top of many other businesses-related projects. He has a solid background and extensive experience in business planning, cost management and the implementation of a project management office for large corporations. He has also worked with project teams for telecom service providers and equipment manufacturers, as well as in IT, TV broadcasting and e-business in Canada, US, Europe and Asia. Sylvain's professional experience is centred on the practical application of Project Management (PM), Value Analysis (VA) and Value Engineering (VE) principles and concepts for improving product and process costs. He is the author of several training materials and videos on project management and is currently teaching evening classes at McGill University.

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